Scalability of a Mobile Cloud Management System

Roberto Bifulco, Marcus Brunner, Roberto Canonico, Peer Hasselmeyer, Faisal Mir


Ubiquitous network access allows people to access an ever increasing range of services from a variety of mobile terminals, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. A flexible and economically efficient way of provisioning such services is through Cloud Computing. Assuming that several cloud-enabled datacenters are made available at the edges of the Internet, service providers may take advantage of them by optimally locating service instances as close as possible to their users. By localizing traffic at the edges of access networks, such an approach may result beneficial for both service and network providers. In this paper we present Follow-Me Cloud (FMC), a technology developed at NEC Laboratories Europe that allows transparent migration of services in TCP/IP networks, thanks to the dynamic configuration of a set of coordinated OpenFlow switches located at the edge of the network. In particular, in this paper we analyze the scalability properties of an FMC-based system and propose a role separation strategy based on distribution of control plane functions which enables scale-out of the system. By means of simulation, we prove that the application of the proposed separation strategy results in less state retained by individual OpenFlow controllers and in more effective localization of network traffic.

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