Added Value for Businesses through eContract Negotiation

Peer Hasselmeyer, Bastian Koller, Lutz Schubert, Philipp Wieder


The growing pervasion of all areas of life with information technology massively influences the way people and companies conduct business. Traditional, "manual" methods are changed or replaced, new opportunities are created, and new business models are developed. Distributed IT infrastructures or Grid systems offer basic functions needed for eBusiness, but they do not yet fulfil a number of essential requirements, e.g. regarding the definition and negotiation of electronic contracts. In this paper we analyse one specific business use case regarding novel requirements to be realised by a distributed IT infrastructure or a Grid system. We compare those requirements with the functions existing infrastructures provide and highlight the gaps which need to be bridged to realise novel business models. Based on previous work executed in European ICT projects, we propose an architecture for a service-based system that exploits Service Level Agreements, semantic techniques, and agents to provide added business values through the negotiation of eContracts.

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