Cloud Monitoring

Peer Hasselmeyer, Gregory Katsaros, Bastian Koller, Philipp Wieder


The management of the entire service landscape comprising a Cloud environment is a complex and challenging venture. There, one task of utmost importance, is the generation and processing of information about the state, health, and performance of the various services and IT components, something which is generally referred to as monitoring. Such information is the foundation for proper assessment and management of the whole Cloud. This chapter pursues two objectives: first, to provide an overview of monitoring in Cloud environments and, second, to propose a solution for interoperable and vendor-independent Cloud monitoring. Along the way, the authors motivate the necessity of monitoring at the different levels of Cloud infrastructures, introduce selected state-of-the-art, and extract requirements for Cloud monitoring. Based on these requirements, the following sections depict a Cloud monitoring solution and describe current developments towards interoperable, open, and extensible Cloud monitoring frameworks.