@neurIST – Towards a System Architecture for Advanced Disease Managment through Integration of Heterogeneous Data, Computing, and Complex Processing Services

Hariharan Rajasekaran, Peer Hasselmeyer, Luigi Lo Iacono, Jochen Fingberg, Paul Summers, Sigfried Benkner, Gerhard Engelbrecht, Antonio Arbona, Alessandro Chiarini, Christoph Friedrich, Martin Hofmann-Apitius, Bob Moore, Philippe Bijlenga, Jimison Iavindrasana, Henning Müller, Rod Hose, Robert Dunlop, Alejandro Frangi


This paper presents the system architecture of the @neurIST project, which aims at supporting the research and treatment of cerebral aneurysms by bringing together heterogeneous data, computing and complex processing services. The architecture is generic enough to adapt it to the treatment of other diseases beyond cerebral aneurysms. The paper describes the generic requirements of the system and presents the architecture, applications and middleware technologies used to realise the system and highlights the innovations in @neurIST.

View full paper: cbms08.pdf.